A Family Coat of Arms?


An Entry in the Armorial Général

The Armorial Général by Johannes Baptista Rietstap (1828-1891) is a monumental work containing the blazons of the coats of arms of more than 130,000 European families. A "blazon" is a formal description of a coat of arms from which the reader can reconstruct the appropriate immage. On page 1067 of the Armorial, under the name Welser, and again on page 1253, in the Supplement, the blazon for GRANDNER is given as:

D'argent à trois roses de gueules rangées en fasce et deux cantons senestres de gueules l'un en chef et l'autre en pointe.

Argent refers to the tincture (color) of the [background of the] shield. Argent is silver or white.

Gueules is red.

Fess is a band running horizontally across the center of the shield.

Hence, "trois roses de gueules rangées en fasce" is three red roses arranged in a band across the shield.

A canton is a square placed in the corner of the shield. A canton is 2/3 of a quarter.

Sinister refers to the left side of the shield from the viewpoint of the shield bearer.

The top of the shield is termed the chief and its bottom the base.

Hence, "deux cantons senestres de gueules l'un en chef et l'autre en pointe" refers to the two red squares on the left side of the shield (from the perspective of the bearer) one at the top and the other at the base.


The other items, outside of the shield above, namely the supporters, the helm, the coronet, and the crest, were arbitrarly added, by whoever drew the shield, for artistic reasons.


An Illustration of the Coat of Arms

V. & H.V. Rolland's Illustrations to the Armorial Général (Planches de l'Armorial Général de J.B. Rietstap:), by the Rolland father and son team, provides illustrations to all 85,000 shields of Arms listed in J-B Rietstp's classic Armorial Général

The Coat of Arms for GRANDNER is accurately reproduced on page 167, Plate LXXXIV.


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